Rancho San Miguel Eichler Brochure

Stephen Coles

Rancho San Miguel Eichler Brochure, recently submitted to our Mid-Century, Modern Group by Grain Edit

Grain Edit is Dave of Oakland. See his wonderful new blog.

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  1. 12.12.07 greg

    Nice cover. Can we see the rest of it?

  2. 12.12.07 Dave

    Hi greg,
    I’ll try to post some more scans if I get time. Unfortunately the rest of brochure is not nearly as cool as the cover.

  3. 01.14.09 — matt

    what is this typeface? anyone?

  4. 01.14.09 Stewf

    Hi Matt. The EICHLER letters were probably made by hand, which was common at the time, but you can get close with ITC Blair, Trade Gothic Extended, or Titling Gothic Extended.

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