Obelisk by Ross Didier for Allermuir

Stephen Coles

Melbourne designer Ross Didier took a classic form of modernism — the simple cube on broad steel legs — and tilted it to create something truly original. The armchair and sofa are available in the UK for £889 and £1,189 respectively. Gorgeous design and beautiful product photography. My only concern: how does it feel to put your arms on a slant?

Thanks to Blue Ant Studio for introducing me to the manufacturer: Allermuir.

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  1. 07.23.07 — Angela

    Looking at these certainly gives me an uncomfortable feeling, like being on the verge of falling at any moment. I’m sure that feeling goes away once sitting in them though.
    The slanted arm rests do concern me, and apart from that I also worry about the acute angle formed by the seat. Could possibly cut off circulation to the lower legs?
    Love your site, by the way. Keep it up please!

  2. 07.23.07 — MFree

    Those chairs may also be found in the lobby of the new Denver Art Museum. I had originally thought they were created specific for the building. Thanks for the info!

  3. 07.23.07 Stephen Coles

    So did you try them at the musem, MFree? How do they feel?

  4. 07.24.07 — MFree

    They were cozy! I don’t believe you are meant to rest your arms on the sides or at least I didn’t. The scale was larger so that I fit within them.

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