Mid-Century Modern Motif: Leaves

Stephen Coles

Norwegian collector and crafter Janne Bråthen beautifully compiled nine leaf patterns typical of mid-century modern design. See also her fantastic christmas cards.

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  1. 01.28.08 janne

    Thanks so much!

  2. 02.19.08 Mr. Jesse Walker

    People from different countries see the same leaves in different ways.

  3. 04.24.08 Mika

    Thank you so much for this website! I have just stumbled upon it, and you share my two passions.. mid-cent mod design, and typography (although I just thought I had a love of fonts and text.. the play between letters and numbers of different types). I am thrilled to have found you, thanks so much for a beautiful and informative site!

  4. 07.06.08 — Cascadia Girl
  5. 03.05.09 — rita

    Is there a place or site that I could purchase this collection of photos as art? Flcker?

  6. 03.05.09 Stephen Coles

    Hi Rita. Follow the link to Janne’s site and contact her about a print.

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