Ideas for Vacationland Homes

Stephen Coles

Victor Underhill shares with the Mid-Century Illustrated group this vacation house plan booklet from the ’60s. The fantastic illustrator isn’t credited other than “Orbeck” on the cover.


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  1. 12.13.08 Jory Hemmelgarn

    Man, I audibly gasped when I saw these. What gorgeous illustrations!

  2. 12.15.08 Andy

    I’m no luddite, but seeing these emphasizes how much we graphic designers and illustrators lose by working in an all-digital medium. Look at the flora in these illustrations – just look at those lucious, broad brushstrokes. Then look at the man-made elements – rigid, hard, man-made! So awesome. Thanks for posting, this is a great find.

  3. 12.15.08 eric james wood

    that first place exist already. it is wienerschnitzel!

  4. 12.23.08 — Brian

    If you like this book, check out “A-frame” by Chad Randl

  5. 03.09.09 Jem N' Tonic

    The book “A-frame” also definitely has great illustration in it. These illustrations make want to illustrate as well. Mine aren’t quite this mid-century looking though.

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