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  1. 03.12.08 — Tiffany

    This is gorgeous. The air felt from the space left open. The way the furniture dissects the space to create spaces within the space. The beams being left dark. I love it. Oh, and that bookshelf. To die for.

  2. 04.25.08 — John Curran

    Glad you like our (old) loft. It was a total labour of love. We now live in London and are just about to move into a four story Victorian house – quite a departure from Jay Street in Manhattan. Will be interesting to see how the scale of our furniture works in a townhouse layout.

  3. 06.12.08 — Joan Zatorski

    I am so impressed with the simplicity of this design, the individual pieces and how they work together. The two side chairs, in particular, have captured my attention. They look to me like the work of Thonet. Are they? I’d love to know where you found them, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 10.29.08 — John Curran

    The chairs are eBay purchases. $220 for the pair but we had to have them recovered. No maker’s mark so don’t have the provenance.

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