IBM General Products Division, 1961

Stephen Coles

“Think” 1985!”, posted by IAAFOTS

From an advertisement for Santa Clara County, California appearing in the March 1961 issue of Fortune.

There is a high school north of Salt Lake City where I grew up that had similar exterior paneling in oranges and yellows. The showy façade could be seen from the highway and we mockingly called it Taco Time High, referencing a local Mexican joint with the same color scheme. I miss it now. They have since replaced the panels with dreary beige and tan, of course.

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  1. 03.04.09 dave

    hahah so this is what 1985 looks like!

  2. 03.04.09 Marsi

    IF ONLY 1985 had looked this good. This building is dreamy.

  3. 03.04.09 patatomic

    I think you’re referring to MY high school: Woods Cross High, yeah?
    (we called it Taco Time too, btw)

  4. 03.04.09 Stephen Coles

    Indeed! Have any photos of your alma mater that I can share, Patatomic?

  5. 03.04.09 patatomic
  6. 03.04.09 — IAAFOTS

    i think my favorite detail in this one are the moatside lawn chairs (also, it is suprisingly difficult to find those standard webbed lawn chairs anymore, i’ve discovered)

  7. 03.06.09 Kaylovesvintage

    the color schema is great

  8. 03.09.09 Jem N' Tonic

    Dig those simple lines! Why can’t architecture be that good today? The textures make MCM. The colors and materials just create a visual and physical texture that can’t be beat.

  9. 03.18.09 — JSCNMRI

    My Dad used to work at this IBM plant in San Jose. He told me this was the cafeteria. IBM sold the building many years ago. Does anyone know if it still exists?

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