Moody Mid-Century, Modern

Stephen Coles

Happy new year, readers. For our last holiday imagery of 2008 I had to post these dramatic interior shots by Michael Pfleghaar. The subject matter is definitely mid-century (Eames plastic armchairs, bullet planter, vintage roll curtain) but taken with an iPhone, the photos truly emphasize the “modern” half of our Flickr group’s name. Pfleghaar used CameraBag, which I use and highly recommend, for the Holga effect.

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  1. 01.02.09 Michael Pfleghaar

    Thanks for posting my photos, I love how Camera Bag Holga pushes the vintage feel of mid century objects. I am a painter and use modern architecture and objects in my work, check out my website link above. I will also put on my sketchblog link page.

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