Løvig “Flip Flop” Desk

Stephen Coles

We’ve covered this desk before (attributed to Jens Quistgaard) but not until I saw the images attached to this SoHo Treasures listing did I realize the back section folds down to create more surface area. There should be more of this in contemporary design.


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  1. 11.30.09 — Patrick

    I own this desk and one problem I’ve come across with it is that although the desk comes at a standard height the depth of the drawers makes finding a chair to sit with it difficult. My tops of my thighs end up touching the bottom of the desk.

  2. 12.07.09 — Crash

    OMG, I just passed this desk up for $10.00 (ten dollars American) because it didn’t look like solid wood. Oy.

  3. 12.23.09 — No One

    They must have made tens of thousands of these. At any one time on eBay or 1stDibs, there are usually multiple copies for sale. I wouldn’t pay more than $1,500, but I’ve seen them on 1stDibs or its competitor, V & M, going for ridiculous prices like $5,500.
    To be honest, it’s more clever than beautiful.

  4. 09.07.10 — Charles Memex

    In response to the person who did not purchase a Lovig desk because it they thought it did not look like “solid wood”.

    I specialize in the repair and restoration of Danish furniture. Most vintage dealers worth their salt know that 99% of all Danish furniture is Veneer over another wood product. Furniture imported into the USA before 1962 or so could be veneer over plywood or another wood base. Items produced after 1962 or so are veneer over particleboard. This is true of the Lovig desks as well as all the others. Table legs and chairs are usually solid but table tops and other flat surfaces will be veneer over particleboard. The Danish will veneer the top as well as the underside and then edge all the parts in solid teak. This process leads the less experienced to believe that Danish furniture is (or should be) SOLID Teak or Roseoowd. If you speak with a custom furniture or cabinet maker you can learn the reasons behind building in this way. There are MANY reasons that I will not go into here why using veneers is a superior to solid wood

  5. 05.01.11 Amber

    I just got one of these today for $20! New it was beautiful, but had no idea of its background until we got it home. It’s missing some side trim pieces and the small upper drawers, but I love it just the same!

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