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House and Pool

“ untitled ”, recently submitted to our photo group by inspiringdecor When it comes to architectural photography, nothing makes a home more appealing than one with a pool shot at dusk, the interior lights and building lines reflected in the water. I know there are hundreds of images like this one.

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Richard Powers and the Reflecting Pool

Remember when I said that a reflecting pool is what takes a beautiful home exterior shot to another level of beauty? ... Much of it captures homes with water features, and all of it is wall art worthy.

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“Mad Men” Furniture: Don Draper’s Office

AMC’s “Mad Men” debuted with perfect timing, at a moment when America’s fascination with mid-century style was at a fever pitch. In celebration of the Season Four Premiere, we look at the show’s immaculate production design.

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Krueger, King of Laundromat Seating

“ three seater. ”, recently submitted to our photo group by sfgirlbybay Victoria Smith (AKA SFGirlByBay ) noticed, as I have, that laundromats often have the coolest chairs. It's almost like there was a laundromat renovation fad in the ’60s — each shop updating their seating in the modern style of the day in an effort to keep up with the competition.

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Windows in Hollin Hills Virginia

“ HH Dining Interior ”, recently submitted to our photo group by Mr Biscuit These great windows bring in all the light and views of floor-to-ceiling glass while maintaining the benefit of waist-high sills. ...Learn more about the Hollin Hills community (smack in the middle of a historical colonial-themed area in Alexandria, Virginia) at the residents blog and see images of homes in their Flickr account .

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