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Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by J Provost

“ Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster ”, recently submitted to our photo group Technical illustrator James Provost is offering his lovely poster of mid-century classics as a print at Imagekind . The first reader to list the names and designers of all the pieces in the poster will win a 16" × 24" print, courtesy of the Mid-Century Modernist.

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Mid-Century Furniture (and Playmate Delores Wells)

Surrounded by the plush blue rug, brick fireplace, and wall unit shelving is Delores Wells , playmate of the month for June 1960 as photographed by Don Bronstein. Please pardon my censorship (thanks to Picnik for the shapes), but I thought it would be hasty to assume all my readers are appreciative of nudity, however tasteful.

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Mid-Century Sewing Boxes — More Cabinets of Curiosity

I’ve run across several other types of mid-century sewing boxes, each with its own clever way to store and reveal its contents, be they needles and string, or paints and brushes. Here are three favorites.

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“Mad Men” Furniture: Don Draper’s Office

AMC’s “Mad Men” debuted with perfect timing, at a moment when America’s fascination with mid-century style was at a fever pitch. In celebration of the Season Four Premiere, we look at the show’s immaculate production design.

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Refurnished, Remodeled, Rebuilt

Welcome to the new Mid-Century Modernist. Before you even enter the doors, it’s clear things have changed around here. We’ve widened the site and enlarged the images. But what’s truly new is the addition at the back of the house. The Gallery is a curated showroom of the most interesting items from the mid-century modern era.

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Mid-Century Modern Ranch Dollhouse (“Magnetic Doll House” by Child Guidance)

One of our favorite sellers, momoderne, is opening the bids at $125, or buy it now for $135. It’s not entirely my flavor of modern (the drapes and bedroom furniture are remnants of 50s americana) but there are many modern details such as the walls of glass, the built-in woodwork and room divider, the fireplace, and the pedestal chairs.

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“The Incredibles” Mid-Century Ideal

The home of Bob and Helen Parr in “The Incredibles” is one of the finest examples of mid-century modernism in all of animated cinema. Thanks to Pixar’s skilled artists and...

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Mid-Century Modern Film from 1958

No narration, no explanation, just effusive 1950s music and example after delightful example of modern furniture, architecture, and industrial design. Thanks Alina and free associate .

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Wenger Furniture and the 1960 Presidential Debate

The candidates sat in Danish modern chairs conceived by Hans Wegner, the famous designer, and spoke from behind skeletal lecterns that resembled music stands and offered no place to hide. “The whole set was extremely modern, and that gave a sense of faith in the future,” recalled Carl Magnusson , a furniture designer.

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New Mid-Century Modern Dressers

I need a place to put my knickers so you might as well help me find one. ... With most furniture, that’s my first option, but I like my drawers to glide smooth and those from the ’50s and ’60s are rarely on rails.

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Mid-Century Modern Classics in Miniature

True to the original pieces in structure and materials, the miniatures are precision-crafted, making them a thoughtful gift for a furniture lover or design professional. ...They not only fulfil the financial purpose of contributing to the Museum's budget, but also serve as ideal demonstration pieces within the context of academic studies or skilled trades.

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Scoop Chair by Carter Bros. Furniture

It’s a small, low chair, made of a single piece of bent plywood with dowel legs. eBay seller mix-mod sold this one for $500 in Nov. 2005 and others have seen that price in local stores. ... Woman who answered was kind enough to walk the floor with this photo and found a 48yr employee who said she remembers this design being discontinued around the time she started in 1958.

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