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Julian Weyer’s Tour of Mid-Century Modern Brazil

But I think Scandinavia is generally where most minds travel when they think of modern design — “Danish Modern” and IKEA are now mainstream concepts — and if not Scandinavia, then certainly Germany, Italy, or the America of Eames and Nelson. ...COPAN Building, São Paolo Architect: Oscar Niemeyer, 1951-57 Faculty af Architecture, São Paolo University Architect: Joao Battista Vilanova Artigas, 1962-69 The entire building is simply an airy, naturally ventilated shelter, with few lateral facades, topped by what from the outside appears a massive concrete slab.

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Mid-Century Modern Ranch Dollhouse (“Magnetic Doll House” by Child Guidance)

One of our favorite sellers, momoderne, is opening the bids at $125, or buy it now for $135. It’s not entirely my flavor of modern (the drapes and bedroom furniture are remnants of 50s americana) but there are many modern details such as the walls of glass, the built-in woodwork and room divider, the fireplace, and the pedestal chairs.

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Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by J Provost

“ Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster ”, recently submitted to our photo group Technical illustrator James Provost is offering his lovely poster of mid-century classics as a print at Imagekind . The first reader to list the names and designers of all the pieces in the poster will win a 16" × 24" print, courtesy of the Mid-Century Modernist.

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Moody Mid-Century, Modern

For our last holiday photography of 2008 I had to post these dramatic interior shots by Michael Pfleghaar. The subject matter is definitely mid-century (Eames plastic armchairs, bullet planter, vintage roll curtain) but taken with an iPhone, the images truly emphasize the “modern” half of our Flickr group ’s name.

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Mid-Century Modern Film from 1958

No narration, no explanation, just effusive 1950s music and example after delightful example of modern furniture, architecture, and industrial design. Thanks Alina and free associate .

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Mid-Century Modern Knits

Perhaps not Audrey Hepburn caliber, but they strike me as the sort of everyday thing she would have worn off camera, and the colors and patterns are undeniably of their time. More fashion delights to be found below and in the Vintage Craft & Needlework Magazines group on Flickr.

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New Mid-Century Modern Dressers

I need a place to put my knickers so you might as well help me find one. ... With most furniture, that’s my first option, but I like my drawers to glide smooth and those from the ’50s and ’60s are rarely on rails.

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Mid-Century Modern Motif: Leaves

Norwegian collector and crafter Janne Bråthen beautifully compiled nine leaf patterns typical of mid-century modern design. See also her fantastic christmas cards .

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Mid-Century Modern Classics in Miniature

True to the original pieces in structure and materials, the miniatures are precision-crafted, making them a thoughtful gift for a furniture lover or design professional. ...They not only fulfil the financial purpose of contributing to the Museum's budget, but also serve as ideal demonstration pieces within the context of academic studies or skilled trades.

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Cover Boys of Mid-Century Modern Design

From left to right: George Nelson , Edward Wormley , Eero Saarinen , Harry Bertoia , Charles Eames , and Jens Risom . ... In DWR’s latest issue of Design Notes (a newsletter which I highly recommend) Jens Risom writes about the photo shoot and his regret that he didn’t get to know the other men that day as well as he would have liked.

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Mid-Century Modern and Victorian Can Get Along Just Fine

so dreamy, uploaded to Flickr by quibbly.

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