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Sofa and Armchair with Unique Teak Frame

I haven’t seen anything quite like this sofa currently on eBay. ... They’d make a nice set for someone looking to create a room sans the more obvious classics.

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Box Sofa by Autoban/De La Espada

Don’t read too much into it — the number is completely random (just used whatever I liked best in FF Oxide , actually) — but anything that tops my list of covetable items, or those things which you should get me for Christmas, will now get this label. ... The big question on everyone’s mind when seeing something this square, with a back this low, and padding this spare: can I sit on it for more than a few minutes?

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Hans Wegner Sofa and GE-270 Chairs for Getama Gedsted

The three items include a teak sofa and GE-270 armchairs with leather cushions, and a teak coffee table for Andreas Tuck. ...You experience furniture from every angle and it must stand up to being seen from all sides.”

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“Mad Men” Furniture: Don Draper’s Office

AMC’s “Mad Men” debuted with perfect timing, at a moment when America’s fascination with mid-century style was at a fever pitch. In celebration of the Season Four Premiere, we look at the show’s immaculate production design.

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