Mid-Century Modern Culture


IBM General Products Division, 1961

There is a high school north of Salt Lake City where I grew up that had similar exterior paneling in oranges and yellows. The showy façade could be seen from the highway and we mockingly called it Taco Time High, referencing a local Mexican joint with the same color scheme.

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Beverly Arts Center, Chicago

“ A sea of seats ”, recently submitted to our photo group by no way 77

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A Trip to Europe, 1963

Discovered last weekend during a family move, an unopened gift from my late father to my brother and me: eight travel posters he and my mother collected during their travels to Switzerland, France, Italy, and Austria in the ’60s. Mom and Dad in the Swiss Alps, Fall 1963

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Erres Fan

“ charity shop ”, recently submitted to our photo group by kaylovesvintage

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Tufted Leather Swivel Chair by Vincent Cafiero

“ Knoll Ad 1963 ”, recently submitted to our photo group by MidCentArc Dandelion delight!

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Sister Site: Spy Vibe

Your mission — whether or not you choose to accept it — is to pay a visit to Jason Whiton’s focused yet comprehensive blog on ’60s spy style . That’s an order.

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Ikea’s Stockholm Collection

“ The entrance wall ”, recently submitted to our photo group by Eric P

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360° Video of Hans Olsen Dining Set

Good photography can be the difference between a successful or ineffective eBay listing, and some sellers go to great lengths to capture their lots well, shooting at various angles in good light and staging tasteful scenes to put the item in context. ... Their Hans Olsen Dining Set (a unique delight that we’ve covered before ) is captured in HD Quality 1080 video, meticulously filmed over 3 minutes with a camera rig that captures the piece in 360° without human intrusion — until the slick demonstration at 1:10 of the table’s built-in expansion mechanism.

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Ib Geertsen at Rocket Gallery, London

More on those later, but first: Londoners shouldn’t miss the upcoming exhibit at Rocket Gallery: “ Ib Geertsen, mobiles, paintings, screenprints ” from 6 February to 28 March. ... For those not in the know, the Rocket is a contemporary art gallery with a soft spot for classic modern furniture, having shown work by Kjaerholm , Risom , and others .

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Big Apple

“ Minilux Color Test ”, recently submitted to our photo group by Chad Wadsworth .

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The Steelcase Coordinated Office Approach

“ The Steelcase Coordinated Office Approach ”, recently submitted to our photo group by IAAFOTS A reprise of the Steelcase advertising posted back in MCM’s first year. See below for more immaculately/absurdly coordinated office spaces from 1960s-era issues of Fortune magazine.

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Motel Room Postcards of the 1950s and '60s

Amid some ill-considered carpets and drapes , the motel interiors pictured in Roadsidepictures’ glorious set of postcards do feature a few bright spots. To wit, clockwise from top left: Saarinen-esque table and chairs bring sophistication to an otherwise banal space; a daring color scheme contrasts warm wood paneling with cool blue; a homey, modern sitting area transforms a motel room into a living room; and simple wall-mounted lighting is a tasteful alternative to bulky bedside lamps.

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