Finn Juhl Home in Denmark

Stephen Coles

These fantastic images of Finn Juhl’s home captured by photographer Roger Valentin Mandt exemplify everything I adore about scandinavian mid-century design. Each piece of furniture is practical, human-sized, tempered with an organic form made of teak and other warm woods. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, with calm tones, punctuated here and there by bright, primary color. It’s the kind of home I aspire to create one day.

Finn Juhl home exterior

Finn Juhl storage cart

Finn Juhl entry

Finn Juhl living room

These photos come from, a site created by Hansen & Sorensen, the only licensed producer of Juhl furniture. Their list of products currently in production is impressive (the Chiefain we mentioned yesterday is still available as a new piece), but after exploring Juhl’s home I’m left wondering why unique designs like his colorful storage cart or foldable bench/table aren’t still being made today. They oughtta be.

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  1. 08.23.07 — kelly


  2. 08.23.07 carlene

    Again, thanks so much for some great photos! I love this home, and I’d LOVE one of those storage carts.

  3. 08.31.07 franki durbin

    I like all those elements, too. And I really enjoy the colors. Vibrant, alive, welcoming. Just like good interiors should be ;)

  4. 09.26.07 Jenn Ski

    Wow! I love your blog!!!

  5. 04.28.08 Ann

    very nice chairs…every chair in that house is just plain adorable. Its like they have a character of their own.

  6. 12.13.10 — bonnie berman

    I have two Finn juhl chairs and they need the springs
    because they are falling apart. Do you have any
    springs I could buy to save the lovely chairs or do you know where I can get them.
    Thanks so much,
    Bonnie Berman

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