Dave Cuzner’s Oakland Townhouse

Stephen Coles

Oakland Townhouse

A fellow Oakland blogger Leah Hennen toured the home of another fellow Oakland blogger Dave Cuzner. Having run into Dave at various sample sales and museum exhibitions I expected to see a lot of mid-century modern charm in his place, but the beauty and style in these photos is still a bit shocking. Stumbling on Leah’s post invoked an embarrassing shriek of “Look at that incredible house! I know that guy!” that turned a few heads in the office this afternoon.

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  1. 08.27.08 Leah

    That’s so funny! Glad you enjoyed the post.
    Big thanks to Dave, and yay for cool cribs in Oakland!

  2. 08.30.08 berry

    This self proclaimed design goddess loves reading your blog! Will be checking backing often!

  3. 09.03.08 — jemma

    does anyone know what breed of cat that is? It’s beautiful, and the house too!

  4. 09.10.08 a collage a day

    great blog!

  5. 10.01.08 Jana TheJunction

    House is beautiful, cat is beautiful….There’s a certain feel good vibe about the house.

  6. 12.24.09 — Robert Zelman

    The cat is an Abyssinian. Beautiful but somewhat hyperactive and mischievous.

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