Kitchen Illustrations from the '50s

Stephen Coles

This stuff comes from the period before modernism matured, but these illustrations from magazines like Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping at See Saw are too charming to ignore.


Update, Nov. 3, 2008 — A real, live example of this style can be found in Stanard Design’s studio. The graphic design firm carefully repainted the kitchen cabinets to their original sea green.


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  1. 09.09.08 Liza

    Hi. I’m flattered that you read and refer my site. Thanks so much. I’ve got a bunch of mid century images on the blog. I’ve been collecting mid century (and earlier) images on and off for about twenty years and am slowly digitizing my collection. Scanning is so tedious. Anyway, thanks for the reference.

  2. 09.09.08 Stephen Coles

    Liza, it’s a pleasure to hear from you. 20 years! I really admire that. I just discovered your site and I’ll definitely be digging deeper.

  3. 09.10.08 Liza

    Super. Drop me a comment when you’re there.

  4. 10.09.08 mkc

    soooooo cooooooool!!!

  5. 08.04.09 — Dr. Theopolis

    Notice the front-loading washing machine in the top (yellow) image? Way ahead of its time!

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