Mid-Century Modern Film from 1958

Stephen Coles

No narration, no explanation, just effusive 1950s film reel music and example after delightful example of modern furniture, architecture, and industrial design. See the rest on Archive.org »

Thanks Alina, free associate and James Lileks.

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  1. 11.06.08 Jory

    I believe this is footage (sans narration) from Chevrolet’s “American Look,” the scene here comes in at 4:45.
    You can watch the entire film, all 28 minutes of it, here.

  2. 11.06.08 Stephen Coles

    Ahh, thank you, Jory. I thought it seemed familiar. I’ll have to post about that great film soon.

  3. 11.06.08 jenn ski

    Can I live there?

  4. 11.07.08 Keith

    This is great. Thanks for posting it.

  5. 11.07.08 — Ted

    The clip ends with the usual web buttons: “Again” and “More,” to which I answer: “Yes!”

  6. 11.08.08 — Patrick

    Is anybody as disturbed as me at the oddly colored thick liquid coming out of the tupperware container in 1:16? Vampires of the 1950’s were very stylish.

  7. 11.11.08 Anna

    Wow, thanks for posting that! I love that baby playpen!!!

  8. 11.11.08 — Saskplanner

    WOW> I loved that to little bits. My grandma and ALOT of those items or items so similar as to be pretty much the same.
    AND, a warming tray as part of a toaster?? BRILLIANT. How come I can’t find one now????

  9. 11.14.08 Delikatissen

    It is amazing how those eames’s chairs are still modern in our homes today! Love it!
    Thanks for posting!

  10. 11.15.08 Sophie @ Century Finds

    My dream house with all my dream appliances.
    Now, if I could just get my kids to stop leaving their plastic toys all over the floor…
    (I don’t think that playpen is big enough for all of them…)
    Thank you for posting this. I’m off now to drool over the long version!

  11. 11.21.08 Matthew Smith

    amazing. i would love to live in a similar fashion

  12. 02.03.09 — tracedog27

    Great clip of a lost era.
    Sobering isnt it…
    Yes kid, way back…before Made in Japan, before Taiwan, before China, Before Walma, er, Chinamart, all that stuff there used to be made in the US., and thus employed the Americans you see in the film. Coins were made out of real silver and The US had a budget surplus.
    What have we done?
    What have we done?

  13. 02.13.11 Michele

    I love this! Thanks for posting. I can never get enough of design films from this era, always with the best music.

  14. 07.14.11 Jessica

    Very cool video. Reminds me of this Atlas Sound single. They have used the footage from ‘American 1958’.

    Looking forward for more 50/60s interior design posts!

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