Konditori Valand, Stockholm

Stephen Coles

Oh my, how did I miss this wood paneled heaven when I lived in Stockholm?

Tiny, resolute German-born cafe owner Magdalena Åström is very much aware of the fact that Konditori Valand, in Stockholm’s “Surbrunnsgatan”, is a national treasure.
Her Swedish husband Stellan designed the interior himself in 1954, and absolutely nothing has been changed since then: the dark beautiful “Royal Boards” covering the walls, well used tables and chairs made of teak, a unique black stonefloor imported directly from Italy. — M Jonholt on Classic Cafes

Via Jordan Harper | Photos by Mats Jonholt

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  1. 08.14.09 Stefan Hattenbach

    Hi Stewf!
    I could have told you if only you’ve asked me. The irony is that it’s only like 10 blocks away from were you lived in Stockholm. They are still around and operating as far as I know.

  2. 08.17.09 Lena

    I love it! A must-visit when I go there.

  3. 08.20.09 vintage stockholm

    also very near to my house, let’s hope it will stay like this forever.It must be one of the last remaining original coffee houses from the 50’s.

  4. 08.24.09 janne

    I wish I’d known about this before I went to Stockholm this summer. Next time, I guess… It looks great.

  5. 09.28.09 Fredrik

    Indeed it is still in operation. One of my favs, and only a block away from my office.

  6. 11.22.09 josephzohn

    Another very nice café in Stockholm is Konditori Kungstornet founded 1934!!

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