Ikea’s Stockholm Collection

Stephen Coles

The entrance wall”, recently submitted to our photo group by Eric P

Ikea’s new Stockholm collection hearkens back to mid-century Scandinavian roots. The coffee table in “golden-brown” is particularly nice. And this sofa table is so elegant, it’s easy to forget where it came from — until you discover it’s so light you can lift it with a single hand, or the veneer chips off to reveal the particle board.

Ikea attracts some fine designers, it’s a shame they insist that almost everything be at that ultra-low price point. I would have manufactured the Stockholm stuff like the old Expedit office series: in solid wood, at a mid-range price.

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  1. 02.09.09 Yellowgoat

    This I love.
    Sometimes Ikea can help some mid-century lover like me who can’t afford the price tag.

  2. 02.09.09 — LD

    I recently got some furniture from Urban Outfitters. I ordered online, sight unseen. I was nervous. I expected Ikea quality. The price was the same as the Ikea Stockholm line. When I got it (Danish Modern) I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. It’s essentially built the same as Ikea, however the particle board seemed more dense and the veneer much thicker and higher quality. Once put together it was very sturdy. People should keep Urban Outfitters in mind when searching for mid-century modern design at a decent price.

  3. 02.13.09 Barclay

    A friend of mine has the sofa table you pictured; it’s very elegant. But I agree about my general disappointment in Ikea. If anybody should be able to provide contemporary Danish-style furniture at a reasonable price; ti’s them. To be fair, a lot of manufacturers in the true mid-century used veneer (which also appears on a lot of priceless Renaissance antiques as well) but there’s an art to doing it well. Ikea’s furniture is, in general, just so shoddily made that it doesn’t hold up. I’ve relegated them for small items like pitchers, plates, lights, etc.

  4. 03.09.09 — Fiffy

    For me as a poor student Ikea is the best way to get chic, afforable furniture. Even Habitat is too expensive for me.
    I’m glad Ikea exists, otherwise I’d have to sit on an ugly 15 year old ordinary cheap and cheap-looking mousy-grey couch.
    As soon as I earn enough money I’ll treat myself with expensive stuff and if the Ikea items make it that long I’m totally okay with the quality.

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