Red and Blue Fans by Itho

Stephen Coles

ready”, recently submitted to our photo group by kaylovesvintage

Never seen a fan like this one by Itho, a Dutch company that doesn’t seem to make consumer products anymore. Pity.

See also: Erres Fan

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  1. 03.18.09 Jem N' Tonic

    I really like these fans. There have been a few of these featured here and now I want one. I wish I had thought about these before we moved to CHile I would have bough one. Oh well…

  2. 03.18.09 — empty

    i like that design.
    it probably hasnt been seen in the States b/c theres kids all over Holland w/o hands, and we like hands. ;)

  3. 03.21.09 — Saskplanner

    Like my x boyfriend – SOOO cute but SOOO dangerous…

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