Teak Goblets

Stephen Coles

Never seen anything quite like these. Practically, they may seem ridiculous, but optically, they are wonderful. Either way, a great find by Barry Smith. The set of eight can be yours for $72 from his Etsy shop.

Modern Danish Style Teak Goblets”, recently submitted to our photo group.


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  1. 01.13.09 katherine @ backgarage

    Would it be wrong to line these up in a row — along the top of a bookshelf or something — with plants in them? I know the plants might ruin the wood. But I would never drink out of these, yet, I love them. So would that be wrong?

  2. 01.14.09 Jacqui

    $72? Wow… I passed up a similar set several years back at a Goodwill. $4.95, I believe. Ah, well!

  3. 01.16.09 Joe

    Wouldn’t worry about the plants damaging the teak. It is one of the most moisture resistant woods ever found.

  4. 01.17.09 — sean

    They are not teakwood. They are monkeypod wood, very common pieces, likly hatian or philipines.

  5. 01.20.09 Barry A. Smith

    Jacqui – Respectfully, chances are Goodwill wouldn’t have 8, and 8 in nice vintage condition to boot. That’s kind of the point of my etsy offerings. The prices I set are based on researching the mid end of what I see similar items going for elsewhere.
    My time, my ability to see, and the context of the offerings of my store makes the items cost more than you can find them on a trip to Goodwill.
    Joe – Thanks for the clarification. I am no doubt not an expert of wood types. I just sell mid century modern stuff I find interesting in the event you do too.

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