Short Arne Jacobsen Doc from Euromaxx

Stephen Coles

Some good basic info on the most well-known of Danish designers, Arne Jacobsen. I learned a thing or two. Via Grassroots Modern.

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  1. 01.06.09 BB

    Thanks for this! I’ve been an Arne Jacobsen fanatic since visiting St. Catz College in Oxford a few years ago:
    I made the pilgrimage to Copenhagen earlier this year. Some pictures from that are here:
    I didn’t get to stay in the famous suite, but I have some pictures from the regular rooms and from the famous lobby of the SAS. Also visited the famous Texaco Station:
    The only Jacobsen piece that I’ve seen or tried that I didn’t like are the two-seater sofas depicted in the video above. I find that are a little hard and the lumbar support too pronounced for me to be comfortable, but they do look great. You can get one in Copenhagen for about $5000!

  2. 01.14.09 delikatissen

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m totally obssesed with Arne Jacobsen’s furniture and this video just made my day!!

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