Tuftless Lounge Chair by George Mulhauser for Plycraft

Stephen Coles

Plycraft is known for producing the most common mimicry of the famous Eames Lounge, but Über Modern has a less common version of Mulhauser’s lounge chair without tufting buttons and with a plywood base. As far as I know, it’s incorrectly labeled a “Mr. Chair” — that was the moniker for this Mulhauser model.

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  1. 12.09.09 red

    fwiw, i’ve seen both models marked as “mr. chair”… as well as a few others … perhaps is was a somewhat ubiquitous/generic name used by plycraft. it seems like it’s time for a plycraft tribute book.

  2. 12.09.09 Stephen Coles


  3. 12.26.09 — Gloria Riddell

    I have TWO lounge chairs made by plycraft called MR. CHAIR. Is it possible to get parts for them. I need the base swivel part.

  4. 01.02.10 — Jon

    I’ve had one of these sets with black vinyl upholstery for 20+ years, purchased for $20 when I was in college. They’re not as well made as Herman Miller products, but I appreciate the rarity of this design and it’s simplicity. The entire seat shell is made of two pieces of molded plywood, including the arms and headrest. The real Eames lounge contains at least five separate pieces.
    This is the first place I’ve ever seen another one like mine. I always assumed it was a Plycraft, but mine has no labels. I had the seat cushion and ottoman reupholstered a few years ago and had the tilt mechanism welded back together after cracking, now it’s in great shape. Thanks for the information!

  5. 02.21.12 Barb Carney

    This auction listing shows clearly that this truly is a “Mr. Chair”. The other one with the flared arms and tufted cushioning is often misidentified as such.

  6. 01.07.13 — Rob

    I would like to restore a Tuftless Lounge Chair that my wife has, does anyone make replacement parts for the swivel and adjusting screw hardware? Does anyone also have photos of one that they have restored? Thanks.

  7. 06.08.13 — Lea Marie

    Hi! I have this chair- the tuftless chair with a wood wrap base. Unfortunately it’s missing the ottoman, and the matching wood wrap ottoman has been difficult to find. Have you seen them anywhere? I’d like to have the chair as it was intended/designed to be. Thanks!

  8. 06.11.13 — Barb C.

    The best source for Plycraft swivel parts and full bases is SwivelChairParts.com.

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