Refurnished, Remodeled, Rebuilt

Stephen Coles

Welcome to the new Mid-Century Modernist. Before you even enter the doors, it’s clear things have changed around here.

First, the obvious: the façade. With the expert help of my partner in bloggery, Chris Hamamoto, we’ve widened the site and enlarged the images. A grid view makes entries easier to traverse. Categories were rescued from obscurity, given a sensible hierarchy and placed at the top of the structure. (Expect these to expand in the near future.) The new Selected space at the right shines a spotlight on our favorite items, and if you want to remodel, there are also other services that you can use such as Deerfield, IL which specialize in this area. And at the bottom of each entry, related posts and eBay items beckon you to explore further. In short, three years of existing content is completely tidied up and refurbished.


But what’s truly new is the addition at the back of the house. The Gallery is a curated showroom of the most interesting items from the mid-century modern era — for both sale and research. You can browse by tags denoting categories, materials, designers, and color. For this first release, it’s filled with items from eBay. The mega auctioneer is still one of the best ways to find affordable, original mid-century pieces online, but scoundrels and mislabeled items abound, making it difficult to seperate treasures from trash. We do the sifting for you, selecting the best items by hand every day.

Special thanks to Laura Serra for her tireless work updating legacy posts to the new format, to Daniel Pennypacker for his code wrangling, and to Christian Schwartz for designing Neutraface Slab, the typeface adorning our new transom. All other type is set in FF Dagny, designed by Örjan Nordling and Göran Söderström and served up by Typekit.

Though we’re now open to the public, our work is far from done. The beauty of the web is that a construction project is never finished. Follow the RSS feed or Twitter and keep an eye on the site for more developments in the near future. In the meantime, make yourself at home and let us know what you think. Our mailbox is open.

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  1. 06.21.10 Omar Kalifornia

    Love the new look and header font. I have font envy at the moment ;-)

  2. 06.21.10 — Matthew

    What a thoughtful and beautiful redesign. This will be my first stop on my quest to discover mid-century modern gems.

  3. 06.21.10 Stephen Fairbanks

    A very lovely website.

  4. 06.22.10 Tom Dolan

    Great job stewf and friends!

  5. 06.22.10 — Marilee

    Terrific on the eyes and easy to maneuver. I’ll be visiting often to find the perfect chair for my living room

  6. 06.22.10 — Max

    Lovely redesign!

    Speaking of fonts, what was the font used for the old logo? I really loved that logo (maybe even more than the new one, though it’s great too).

  7. 06.23.10 Jackie W.

    This site has always been a gem. The site looks great and the new features are tops. Thanks for all you do.

  8. 06.24.10 Stephen Coles

    Thank you, all! Max, the previous logo was set in Paralucent. I was fond of it too, but the redesign called for something more sober.

  9. 06.29.10 — Bombay Beauty

    Love the new look. I still owe you big-time for my Hans Olsen dining set (with the hidden flap – what a gem!)


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