Illustrator: Gaku Nakagawa

Stephen Coles

Good Hood by Gaku Nakagawa

The July issue of Monocle features two articles illustrated by Gaku Nakagawa. No bio available yet, and his own site is in Japanese which I am regretfully unable to translate, but I bet we’ll be seeing a lot more from Nakagawa soon.

Be sure to watch his delightful animation from the Perfect High Street feature. I put the movie on my phone so I can play it at any time and pretend I’m in urban nirvana. Yeah, the Bay Area is close, but this little utopian hood compiles all the best things I’ve experienced in Stockholm, Portland, and San Francisco.

Thank you, Dan Hill.

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  1. 07.29.07 — Ali

    What do you think of Moncole as a whole? It looks like a great magazine, but I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to drop 75 pounds (or whatever dollar equivalent).

  2. 07.29.07 Stephen Coles

    I haven’t seen it in print yet, so I haven’t read a full issue, but it seems a bit more substantial than Wallpaper — especially if people like Mr. Hill are involved.

  3. 07.30.07 Dan Hill

    Thanks Stephen! Much appreciated. The illustrations are lovely aren’t they. Oh and fyi, I’ve updated Gaku Nakagawa’s contributor page at Check it out for interesting biographical details …

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