Mid-Century Modern Bedroom


MASH Studios LUX Case Goods

One of my favorite new furniture designers is MASH Studios led by Bernard Brucha who has done work for Martha Stewart, Siemens, Ogilvy & Mather, Toyota, and MTV. ...And buy from the links above and you’ll support the Mid-Century Modernist with a little kick-back.

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More Teak Platform Beds

This post from early on in MCM’s history continues to get a lot of views, so I suppose there is some demand for vintage mid-century modern beds. ... And for those with less space in the bedroom, there’s another sans nightstands with that gentle curve on the side from last year’s find.

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1968 Danish Sleeper Sofa

Next the hinged seat-back pulls straight out and folds over also making contact with the floor. While all this is happening the integrated satin (or satin like material) bed liner opens up right along with each stage.

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New Mid-Century Modern Dressers

I need a place to put my knickers so you might as well help me find one. ... With most furniture, that’s my first option, but I like my drawers to glide smooth and those from the ’50s and ’60s are rarely on rails.

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Brave Space Design

Those looking for new designs made from sustainable materials will appreciate the work of Brave Space Design of Brooklyn who use bamboo for their handsomely simple dining tables, chairs, beds,...

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