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The Eames Translated their Process of Discovery into Creative Work

“Sell your expertise and you have a limited repertoire. Sell your ignorance and you have an unlimited repertoire. He was selling his ignorance and his desire to learn about a subject. The journey of not knowing to knowing was his work.

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She & Him Go 1950s Americana in “Don’t Look Back” Video

Director Jeremy Konnor was clearly inspired by “American Look”, the 1958 film by Chevrolet, in this music video for She & Him’s “Don’t Look Back”. See both videos below.

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For Sale: Cameron’s House from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

We saw this news over a year ago, but HUH reports that the iconic house from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is still for sale. The 4 bedroom, 5,300 sq. ft....

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Anderson & Coppola Direct “Le Apartomatic” Ad for Stella Artois

Stella Artois consistently produces amusing, cinematic ads and their latest combines two of my loves: wood panels and control panels. Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola co-directed this spot in which the set is the star.

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“Mad Men” Furniture: Don Draper’s Office

AMC’s “Mad Men” debuted with perfect timing, at a moment when America’s fascination with mid-century style was at a fever pitch. In celebration of the Season Four Premiere, we look at the show’s immaculate production design.

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New Dieter Rams Interviews with Gestalten and Design Museum

Once known only to the closest followers of product design history, Dieter Rams is now becoming a mainstream hero of modernism. His work was included last year in an exhibition...

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“The Incredibles” Mid-Century Ideal

The home of Bob and Helen Parr in “The Incredibles” is one of the finest examples of mid-century modernism in all of animated cinema. Thanks to Pixar’s skilled artists and...

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Sister Site: Spy Vibe

Your mission — whether or not you choose to accept it — is to pay a visit to Jason Whiton’s focused yet comprehensive blog on ’60s spy style . That’s an order.

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360° Video of Hans Olsen Dining Set

Good photography can be the difference between a successful or ineffective eBay listing, and some sellers go to great lengths to capture their lots well, shooting at various angles in good light and staging tasteful scenes to put the item in context. ... Their Hans Olsen Dining Set (a unique delight that we’ve covered before ) is captured in HD Quality 1080 video, meticulously filmed over 3 minutes with a camera rig that captures the piece in 360° without human intrusion — until the slick demonstration at 1:10 of the table’s built-in expansion mechanism.

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Objectified: A Film About Product Design

Gary Hustwit, the filmmaker who brought typography out of obscurity with “ Helvetica ”, is now doing the same for product design with his upcoming “ Objectified ”. Along with contemporary greats, at least one hero of mid-century design stars in the documentary: Dieter Rams .

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Short Arne Jacobsen Doc from Euromaxx

Some good basic info on the most well-known of Danish designers, Arne Jacobsen . I learned a thing or two.

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Charade Film Titles and Opening Scene

The titles for the great Carey Grant/Audrey Hepburn caper were designed by Maurice Bender , the man behind the famous James Bond gun barrel openers. Charade is a classic specimen of mid-century modern graphics and animation from the golden age of film titling.

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