She & Him Go 1950s Americana in “Don’t Look Back” Video

Stephen Coles

Director Jeremy Konnor was clearly inspired by “American Look”, the 1958 film by Chevrolet, in this music video for She & Him’s “Don’t Look Back”. See both videos below.

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  1. 02.10.11 — James

    Everything about this Is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. 02.20.11 Julie K.

    Amazing video ! The idea with those mop-slippers is hilarious, I would like to use a pair of those myself. Even the dog had them on. You made my day with this post. Thank you very much. I knew that I’ve seen the woman from the video before and I was right, I knew her form Yes man. Amazing movie as well.

  3. 03.10.11 — Randy G.

    What a happnin’ little video. I am very familiar, (almost to the point of obsession at one point), with ‘American Look’. What a great tribute. Love the song too. I’ll be putting that one on the I-pod ASAP. Can’t wai to show this to my wife.

  4. 05.07.11 — Pete

    Can anyone identify the chair and ottoman in the picture? I have the ottoman, but it has no label and have been trying to track it down for ages


  5. 05.27.11 G Corbett

    The classic cobra phone is a great mid-century detail! So glad they included it in the video.

  6. 11.17.11 Nubero
  7. 11.17.11 Stephen Coles

    Well done!

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