Vintage Ski Posters of Europe

Stephen Coles

High-end UK dealer Vintage Seekers [since closed, try eBay] is offering an expertly curated selection of mid-century posters featuring ski resorts throughout the Alps and other destinations. These are all uncommon original prints and the price tags reflect that fact. Those of us without the budget for these classic works of advertising art will have to admire them via our computer screens. Fortunately, VS has supplied us with a few larger images for an even better view. Twelve of our favorite posters are below — click to enlarge.

Alpensonderzüge, Germany
Otto Ottler, 1936
German Railway System

Martin Peikert, 1948
Gebr. Fretz AG, Zurich

World Skiing Championships, Czech Republic
Kovar, 1969
International Ski Federation

Zermatt, Switzerland

St. Moritz
Enis, 1955
J.C Muller, Zurich

Sun Valley, Idaho
Sheets, 1956
United Air Lines

Crans Montana, Switzerland
Hans Erni, 1987

St Moritz Piz Nair
Martin Peikert, 1948
Wolfsburg A.G, Zurich

Ski Colorado
Gates, 1957
Colorado State Winter Sports Committee

Claude Lemeunier, 1957
Norwegian State Railways and the Norway Travel Association

Niederösterreich, Austria
Christoph Reissers Sohne, Vienna

Les Diablerets, Switzerland
Martin Peikert, 1949
Klausfelder S.A., Vevey

A few more favorites.
See the rest at Vintage Seekers »

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  1. 01.04.12 joachim muller-lance

    hiya! the crans-montana poster is by Hans Erni, created in 1987. it also needs to be turned 90 degrees counterclockwise, so the skier zips downhill.

  2. 01.04.12 Stephen Coles

    Thanks, Joachim! That certainly makes more sense. I added a note and will get our image fixed. Corrected the date too.

  3. 01.09.12 Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE

    Just love these! I’ve been looking for some great vintage posters for my den. Any one of these would look amazing!

  4. 07.20.12 Dave McClinton

    Chock full of inspiration… I love the typography in every one of these.

  5. 01.25.23 — Kent Christopher Lyons

    HI how does one buy any of the ski posters shown?

  6. 01.26.23 Stephen Coles

    eBay, auction houses, poster dealers like International Poster Gallery.

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