Flickr Pick of the Week: Vintage Bavarian Sign

Stephen Coles

Prof. Michael Stoll writes:

This signage from the ’60s I got from eBay a few years ago. It’s 2.60m wide and 0.5m tall. “Medicus” is the name of an orthopedic shoemaker. The signage had been on a building in Nürnberg/Bavaria.

Like so much of mid-century modernism, this upright roman/script style of lettering has become quite en vogue these days. It’s lettering, of course, designed specifically for the the logo/sign, not from a typeface, but there are a few fonts which have a similar flavor. I made some lists at FontShop recently to lasso this and related genres: upright script fonts. See also monolinear scripts.

If you’re someone who enjoys collecting vintage signs and are looking to add another sign to your collection, check out these vintage signs.
via Laureola

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  1. 06.25.10 natalie.

    gorgeous! what a serious find – love it.

  2. 11.03.10 JESSICA DEFINE

    Dang, that thing is awesome.

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