Mid-Century Modern Ephemera


Flickr Pick of the Week: Vintage Bavarian Sign

Prof. Michael Stoll writes: This signage from the ’60s I got from eBay a few years ago. It’s 2.60m wide and 0.5m tall. “Medicus” is the name of an orthopedic...

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The Eames House in LIFE Magazine, 1950

The announcement that Google Books now houses in its digital archives over 1,860 issues of LIFE magazine sent me immediately to the search box on a quest for mid-century related articles. The first result was this piece on the Eames House published on September 11, 1950, just five years after Charles and Ray made their indelible mark on American design with their popular furniture.

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IBM General Products Division, 1961

There is a high school north of Salt Lake City where I grew up that had similar exterior paneling in oranges and yellows. The showy façade could be seen from the highway and we mockingly called it Taco Time High, referencing a local Mexican joint with the same color scheme.

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Tufted Leather Swivel Chair by Vincent Cafiero

“ Knoll Ad 1963 ”, recently submitted to our photo group by MidCentArc Dandelion delight!

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The Steelcase Coordinated Office Approach

“ The Steelcase Coordinated Office Approach ”, recently submitted to our photo group by IAAFOTS A reprise of the Steelcase advertising posted back in MCM’s first year. See below for more immaculately/absurdly coordinated office spaces from 1960s-era issues of Fortune magazine.

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Motel Room Postcards of the 1950s and '60s

Amid some ill-considered carpets and drapes , the motel interiors pictured in Roadsidepictures’ glorious set of postcards do feature a few bright spots. To wit, clockwise from top left: Saarinen-esque table and chairs bring sophistication to an otherwise banal space; a daring color scheme contrasts warm wood paneling with cool blue; a homey, modern sitting area transforms a motel room into a living room; and simple wall-mounted lighting is a tasteful alternative to bulky bedside lamps.

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Steelcase Matchbook

“ steelcase02 ”, recently submitted to our photo group by NicWest2007 . See also Steelcase Coordinated Offices .

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Santa LCM

A christmas card sent to Charles & Ray Eames, signed by Siddie and Bob Wirth depicts an LCM as Santa Claus. Part of the deep and rich Eames Collection at the Library of Congress .

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Ideas for Vacationland Homes

Victor Underhill shares with the Mid-Century Illustrated group this vacation house plan booklet from the ’60s. No fantastic illustrator isn’t credited other than “Orbeck” on the cover.

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Better Homes and Gardens, Sept. 1958

A Jan Balet cover posted by Ward Jenkins , who contributes all manner of fabulous ephemera to the Mid Century Illustrated group on Flickr. Thanks to Twenty Twenty-One for the tip.

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Scenes from an IBM Slide Presentation

This IBM slide presentation from 1975 is best posted without comment.

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Mid-Century Modern Film from 1958

No narration, no explanation, just effusive 1950s music and example after delightful example of modern furniture, architecture, and industrial design. Thanks Alina and free associate .

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