Mid-Century Modern Ephemera


Norman Cherner Illustration

“ Norman Cherner Illustration ”, recently submitted to our photo group by Scott Lindberg

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Mid-Century Modern Knits

Perhaps not Audrey Hepburn caliber, but they strike me as the sort of everyday thing she would have worn off camera, and the colors and patterns are undeniably of their time. More fashion delights to be found below and in the Vintage Craft & Needlework Magazines group on Flickr.

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"Design from Scandinavia" Celebrates 40 Years

Danish publisher World Pictures recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special issue of their excellent magazine Design from Scandinavia and they have generously made the entire issue available as a PDF. ...We also present some examples of the hottest trends on the Nordic design scene where many promising designers are displaying their talents, wriggling free from the functionalist ideals and challenging convention to blaze new trails.

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Rancho San Miguel Eichler Brochure

Rancho San Miguel Eichler Brochure, recently submitted to our Mid-Century, Modern Group by Grain Edit Grain Edit is Dave of Oakland. See his wonderful new blog.

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Flickr Pick of the Week: Steelcase Coordinated Offices

Steelcase Coordinated Offices , recently submitted to our Mid-Century, Modern Group by IAAFOTS

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