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Stephen Coles

This post from early on in MCM’s history continues to get a lot of views, so I suppose there is some demand for vintage mid-century modern beds. The slats are much more durable and ergonomic than box springs and most will roll or lift to reveal reveal storage underneath. Similar models show up on eBay from time to time. Here’s what’s on auction right now.

Make sure that if you buy furniture for your bedroom it should match with the wardrobe doors, so that the room has it’s own style. Visit this site to get some decoration ideas.

Shown above: Teak bed with attached headboard and nightstands by Westnofa. My parents had one very similar to this, but with floating night stands which is lighter and more elegant. Still, this is certainly a nice piece for any mid-century inspired room large enough to hold it.

Already have a bed, but want this look? You can pick up a headboard with floating nightstands all in one piece.

For those with less space in the bedroom, there’s another sans nightstands with that gentle curve on the side from last year’s find. Looks like the finish needs some work.

Finally, for Rosewood fans, here’s an Uldum Mobelfabrik with a light rail in the headboard. The chrome trim is a little ’70s for my taste, though.

Here’s one just like my parents’ with the floating nightstands. No visible hardware. My sister has inherited it, but I hope to get my turn one day if I ever have a bedroom that can accommodate a 10-foot-wide behemoth. This specimen went for $650 on eBay. Not bad!

One of the manufacturers of this style is identified in an eBay auction as Jesper International. The company is now known as Jesper Office and they make some, simple storage systems.

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  1. 02.17.09 Tom Harle

    That looks a lot like it could have been the inspiration for the Malm range from Ikea.

  2. 12.27.09 — Lindsey

    I have the bed above with the floating nightstands as well as a matching 3 dresser set. I am moving into a new house next month and am trying to decide how to design the master around this great furniture. Any ideas?

  3. 08.26.13 — Maia Friedman


    I am looking for the above bed frame with floating nightstands, or similar to the above. Please share if you know of any for sale.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. 07.17.14 MØBLER | Home Décor

    I love this look, and I have to agree Ikea makes a very nice alternative at a budget price.

    For those who can afford the real deal, we have three beds with floating nightstands in stock at the moment. You can see them at


  5. 08.20.14 — Deborah

    @ Maia Friedman

    I have a queen size platform bed with floating nightstands if you are still interested.

  6. 06.21.15 — Donna

    @ Maia Friedman

    I have just posted to Craigslist-Seattle a Jesper (Denmark) queen bed frame in teak, with floating nightstands:

    Let me know if I can answer any questions.

    – Donna

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