Mid-Century Sewing Boxes — More Cabinets of Curiosity

Stephen Coles

A couple of years ago, we featured the “Teak Cabinet of Curiosity”, a sewing box with some unusual swinging drawers. Since then, that model or similar — always without a design or maker credit — has made several appearances on eBay, both in Europe and the U.S. So it’s not very rare, but I’m still quite enamored with it.

Since then I’ve run across several other types of mid-century sewing boxes, each with its own clever way to store and reveal its contents, be they needles and string, or paints and brushes. Here are three favorites.

Red Felt Box — Delicate and unique. I haven’t seen anything quite like this one.

Tripod Box with Swinging Drawers — Still available!

Rolling Box with Removable Tray

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  1. 02.19.12 Be-dsgn

    This is another great scandinavian sewing box : http://www.be-dsgn.com/be-dsgn/Plywood_sewing-box.html

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