Universum Chess Set by Arthur Elliott for Anri, Italy

Stephen Coles

This mid-century modern chess set fetched $1,775.00 on eBay last week. The description:

The pieces are crafted of solid wood, one half being a natural tone finish and the other a darker brown finish. All the pieces have felt lined bottoms and are so unusual and intricate, yet a joy to handle and use (we personally obtained this same set many years ago and would not part with it at any price).

When you unlatch the brass hasp and open the box you will find a removable wood top tray that contains half of the pieces, each situated within its own divided custom crafted section. Now we are not talking about generic cubbies for each piece, rather each section was literally made for the shape of each piece.

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  1. very nice.

  2. 12.02.08 — Stephanie

    Yes! I like chess and cleverness very much.

  3. 12.05.08 — kali TonyBass

    i’ve got it! :)

  4. 03.14.12 — ratulinus123

    Very nice set.
    I have two Universum Chess sets and one of them is for sale. Do you know of anyone who may be interested in purchasing the set? My email is joaogbranco@netcabo.pt

  5. 07.19.12 — Jesse Gordon

    Just acquired A GIANT version of this set (X-large egg on top of white king for scale). See links below. Wondering if anybody might have some info/background on this set.


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