LA Furniture Shopping on KCRW's DnA

Stephen Coles

(DnA) Design and Architecture of LA’s excellent KCRW public radio often covers mid-century architecture and interior design. The latest show features David Keeps, the scout for the LA Times Home Section talking about the state of furniture shopping in that city. Keeps also doles out some tips on the best showrooms in town.
It sounds like LA is experiencing a similar (though more extreme) version of our Bay Area vintage furniture scene. Resellers find stuff on the curb or garage sales, fix and refinish, and then sell the goods at boutiques for thousands.

“Depending on your budget and your time, you can either look for the best online interior design service or you can drive a bit and find something at one price, or if you’re a bit lazy you can go to La [unintelligible, help a Norcal-er out] Boulevard and pay the top dollar for it. There’s almost like an economic food chain in the Los Angeles area where there are people who literally go out in vans picking up things from yard sales and out of the garbage and they take them somewhere and that person sends it out to the refinisher and, boom you’ve taken something off the curb and turned it into a $4,000 designer item.”

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  1. 04.18.07 shona

    La Brea? La Cienega? I was not ablt to listen to the pod cast so I’m not sure what street was mentioned. This is something Angelinos have known about for years- cruise around Santa Monica or Hollywood on (bulk) trash day + you can furnish your house. I have friends who have amazing homes furnished with great free finds. When we moved from LA everything that could not fit in the moving van was placed in our alley + within minutes it was GONE! Rachel Ashwell (Shabby Chic) really tapped into this in the mid-90’s.

  2. 04.18.07 erin scissorhands

    really great blog- i love it. great coverage on amy butler, by the way- her house is phenomenal in so many ways!!!

  3. 10.14.07 — Istrice

    La Cienega. I listened to the free broadcast after finding this blog.

  4. 02.28.08 eve

    Funny, I’d pick La Brea over La Cienega for mid-century furniture any day.

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