1968 Danish Sleeper Sofa

Stephen Coles

1968 Danish Sleeper Sofa

My obsession with Ebay seller Simplymod continues. Mid-century modern sofa beds are rarely big enough to sleep two. This one does it gracefully, without bulk or clumsy contraption. The brilliant mechanism is worth documenting in itself. Simplymod explains:

The entire seat back hinges forward and down onto the seat surface. Then the seat surface is pulled up then outward onto the floor. There is an internal glide and roller mechanism to assist this and its smooth as silk. Next the hinged seat-back pulls straight out and folds over also making contact with the floor. While all this is happening the integrated satin (or satin like material) bed liner opens up right along with each stage. Again, you really have to see this is person to appreciate how incredibly cool this is. Lastly, just add sheets and pillows etc. and you’re done!

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  1. 02.27.08 jenn Ski

    What a beautiful sofa!

  2. 03.27.08 Susan

    Not ONLY did I watch this exact couch on e bay but I was very close to having my mother in law who lives in LA go view it and possibly buy it for us.
    It’s an amazing find!

  3. 09.10.08 — EP

    le sigh. What a gorgeous sofa. Anyone know how much it went for on ebay? I’m just curious.

  4. 11.13.08 Pebblebreeze

    Hmmm….Simplymod is wiling to SHIP vintage Danish furniture via Greyhound. :O(
    Well, beautiful pics of a beautiful sofa !

  5. 04.19.09 — Leslie Siben

    what does this beautiful sofa bed cost and where can I get one?

  6. 05.17.09 Sune Rahbek

    Wow.. does anyone know who designed this beauty?

  7. 06.21.11 — Tobias Hoff

    I have this sleeping sofa with original pattern etc. for sale. Any one interested? (I live in Denmark)


  8. 08.08.11 — David

    Hi Tobias, is this still for sale?

  9. 09.03.11 — Ron

    Wow! this sofa bed is beautiful! Does any company make this type of design today? It seems so advanced compared to what is out there. I would buy this vintage or new today if one existed. Why are today’s manufacturers so limited in their thinking?

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