Danish for "La-Z-Boy"

Stephen Coles

Svelte and refined with wood details where others have overstuffed upholstery, I’d like to think this is what the Danish considered (in the ’50s at least) to be their ideal reclining lounge. I’m not ecstatic about the fabric, but the multi-position recline mechanism and unique woodwork make this a very special chair. Auction ends in a week.

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  1. 11.30.08 — Alane Swanson-Young

    Great Design….Wonderful Find. I found an Oak Multi Postion Lounge wih Matching Ottoman, tossed out for trash collection In June of this year. It only survived, I’m sure, because of its strong oak construction… It now sits in my livingroom, it gets alot of comments, even from the “younger” crowd….Furniture from that Era……is so unique and pleasant on the Eye..each piece was a work of Art in-itself. It’s timeless………

  2. 04.30.09 — Danishmod.com

    This is an S.L. Mobler chair , missing its classic headrest though.
    if any readers are interested, its a truly wonderful chair, very comfortable (especially when it is restored, repadded and reupholstered!

  3. 04.30.09 — Danishmod.com

    Actually, on second look, this is the Alf Svensson design, for Dux – the SL Mobler has a slightly more boxy base. I looked at mine again, and a Dux ad, to make sure! They do seem to get confused on different sites! because they are very similar.

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