Grasshopper Chair by Saarinen

Stephen Coles

Update: This is an old entry, but I had to append it with this incredible orange Grasshopper going up for auction in LA next week.

Saarinen is best known for his architecture and “tulip” chairs and tables, but my favorite piece is his Grasshopper chair. I would love to sit in one, but, as Scott mentioned in the comments, they just recently went into reproduction by Modernica and I haven’t seen it in person yet.

Grasshopper Chair in Gold

This one went for $1300 on eBay.

Update: A Grasshopper in the wild:

1949 Living Room in the Berkshires

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  1. 05.11.07 — Scott

    Apparently they’re being reproduced by Modernica.

  2. 05.11.07 Stephen

    Thank you for reminding me, Scott! I think I knew that once long ago but my memory is poor.

  3. 09.22.07 — Doug Crawford

    Any recommendations on qualified repair people for an original Grasshopper in the New York city / Connecticut area? I have one that belonged to my grandmother which I love but seems like something has separated in the front corner.

  4. 02.03.08 Tom Andersen

    There are certain modern houses, particularly in New Canaan, Connecticut (near where we live), that my wife and I refer to as “move in tomorrow” houses, meaning, obviously, that the place is so great we’d move in tomorrow if we could. This Grasshopper chair is the equivalent — the “let’s put it in the living room tomorrow” chair. In the right color, it would look great with our Womb Chair.

  5. 02.07.08 — Amanda

    I love these chairs! There is actually a traveling exhibit going on right now featuring Eero Saarinen. You can get more info here:

  6. 03.28.08 — Stacey

    I grew up with this chair. When I was a child, I used to read in it, upside down, feet up the back, head in the seat. I would love to have one – it’s one of my favorites. My dad was an architect – we had fabulous furniture, some of which we’ve inherited: Bertoia diamond chairs, Florence Knoll couches and tables, a womb chair, Eames chairs, the Barcelona chair and coffee table, etc.

  7. 03.28.08 Stephen Coles

    You lucky lady, Stacey. Something I’ve always wondered but can’t really answer with only a few minutes at DWR or another store: which of those classic lounge chairs would you say was the most comfortable for long term loungin’?

  8. 03.28.08 — Stacey

    Stephen, for long term loungin’ (and sleeping), I’d say the womb chair. It fits just about any size, any shape, including cats, dogs, and humans. :)

  9. 03.28.08 Stephen Coles

    I had a feeling you’d say that. So appropriately named.

  10. 07.10.08 — Maria Freda

    Hi .. I am fortunate to have a pair of Grasshopper chairs with its original fabric (a harvest gold diamond stitch and fabric covered buttons. They are in very good condition. I have a shop in New Haven. If you are interested ,please let me know

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