Cheese Tray with Ceramic Tile and Jars

Stephen Coles

Callooh Callay on Etsy boasts a huge stock of interesting vintage goods. On the “Sold” list (sadly) is this fantastic tray with a white ceramic tile, two white ceramic jars for jam or chutney, wooden lids, a stainless steel knife, and a plastic spoon.

Why do I have such a tray fetish, by the way? Is this an affliction common to mid-century modern lovers?

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  1. 07.13.09 Barry A. Smith

    Very cool.

  2. 07.20.09 — SusieTG

    such a gorgeous set.
    I think the tray fetish is just part of our love of entertaining in fabulous midcentury style. : )

  3. 07.22.09 kb

    Oh sign me up! Love them!

  4. 07.30.09 Raquel Raney

    awe. so cute.

  5. 09.18.09 Jane Kathryn Kolles

    That is so sexy and zen I can hardly stand it.

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