Danish Modern Rockers

Stephen Coles


The hardware isn’t as hidden as I’d like, and information is notably absent on the listing, but this is one of the more original modern rockers I’ve seen. The reserve is not yet met but it should go for far less than something well known.

Meanwhile, this svelte Model 97 T/T manufactured by Tønder Møbelværk in 1957 is in another class. It’s attributed to a “Geroge Jensen”, but this is clearly a typo. It couldn’t be this Georg Jensen as he died in 1935 and designed only ceramics and silverware, not any furniture as far as I know. The correct name is probably Holger Georg Jensen, according to the Danish Design Dictionary.

Update: Orange and Brown has photos of another specimen.

If you want a relaxing addition to your mid-century room that isn’t your grandma’s rocking chair, these are rare gets.

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  1. 10.14.09 Indra Kupferschmid

    I want a »love« button.

  2. 10.14.09 Jem N Tonic

    these are supper cool!

  3. 10.19.09 — Alex Ayala

    That’s what I call art in motion.

  4. 06.08.14 — Susan

    Hi, Danish rocking chair in question is made by Soren Georg Jensen, George Jenson’s son, for Kubus in 1958.

  5. 03.15.15 — Adrian Swiatecki

    The following information is from the son of Holger Georg Jensen.

    “Many have have the wrong idea that the rocking chair is made by Søren Georg Jensen. He did not make furniture. Unfortunately it has become a common mistake regarding Holger Georg Jensen tables and rocking chairs”

    I may also add that Holger Georg Jensen is in no way a relation of the famous silversmith Georg Jensen.


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