Rock’n-Rest Lounge Chair by Gimson & Slater, UK

Stephen Coles

Auction ending in 2 days: a rare “Rock’n-Rest”, highback lounge chair, designed in Norway and produced by the Gimson & Slater Ltd, United Kingdom. Adjustable rocking seat and back can be locked in 8 different positions by means of a handle.

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  1. I love this chair! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 09.11.09 — Cityhomegirl

    this chair looks so comfortable! i saw some other modern and hip chairs on the chd website!

  3. 09.16.09 Nicolette

    It looks like an innovative alternative to a recliner. The clean design also makes this a great fit for most modern homes.

  4. 09.21.09 Pinecone Camp

    Just came across your blog, and I’m happy that I did. Love it. Can’t wait to read more!

  5. 09.23.09 Pazu

    I wonder why they can’t design chairs like these anymore. Simple design with a smart function.

  6. 10.04.09 Jeremy Schneyer

    Wow, great chair, never seen it before! I want one!

  7. 10.22.09 — Casper Hijkoop

    I happen to have one of these, together with another Gimson & Slater lounge chair. Never knew the designer or model, and from now on I am sure gonna be a whole lot more careful with ’em. Thanks for this!

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