Mid-Century Modern and Rustic Can Get Along Just Fine

Stephen Coles

Fernlund + Logan

Apartment by Fernlund + Logan. Photos by Sean Hemmerle + Christoph Kircherer.

Colin Streater

Colin Streater

Photography by Colin Streater.

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  1. 07.24.07 carlene

    I love this so much…thank you.

  2. 07.25.07 PH Baird

    what a wonderful combination! great post.

  3. 07.30.07 lottie

    What great shots – everything works increadibly well together.

  4. 07.08.08 — Scarlett

    where is that table from?

  5. 07.08.08 Stephen Coles

    Your best bet is to ask the photographer, Scarlett.

  6. 07.09.08 sf modern

    industrial timber, drywall, recessed lighting and Hans Wegner chairs. On paper I would never think to put them together however this works pretty well! nice photography to boot

  7. 10.14.08 — Julie A.

    Simply beautiful…the simple is the best part in both of them. My favorite styles..organic in nature, combined.

  8. 12.30.08 — Ricardo Ramirez

    i love the idea of living with what you love. nothing is more exciting than walking into someone’s space and saying, “wow, this is really YOU”.

  9. 04.05.09 — mark

    hmm. crown molding around the top of a post, under a beam? i don’t understand. in fact, i don’t want to. :-)

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