Katharine Hepburn on Buying Furniture

Stephen Coles

Coming soon on MCM is a look back at the studio set of the great Dick Cavett Show. But first, here’s a little teaser. Katharine Hepburn gives us all some advice about the value of a great piece of furniture:

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  1. 09.29.07 — Angela

    “Yes, well that’s stupid.” I love it.
    Also, I didn’t realize you were also the one behind Typographica. Apparently we share the very same two passions.

  2. 10.01.07 victoria

    I love her and I love this clip. Thank you for sharing – a classic! I would have loved to see her home – I think I may have an old LIFE magazine with (one) of her homes in it – must go hunt it down!

  3. 10.12.07 Design for Mankind

    Ahhh, I love Katherine Hepburn, and I LOOOOVE furniture! Match made in heaven. Thanks for the video!!! :)

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