Lyx WING Chair by Michael Malmborg

Stephen Coles

Joining the Eames’ 670, Jacobsen’s Egg, and Wegner’s Ox and Papa Bear in the great guild of wing chairs, Malmborg’s WING has one foot in the past and one deep into the future. So deep, in fact, that the chair uses the NASA memory foam made famous by Tempur-Pedic. Not only that, but WING is the first and only chair ever to be certified by The Space Foundation. But the most exciting first? WING uses the largest single piece of bent ply ever used to create a chair. Thanks, Blue Ant Studio.

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  1. 08.01.07 PH Baird

    I must have a seat on the memory foam! Great post.

  2. 08.13.09 Amanda

    I am in love! Its just perfect. Do you know where i can buy one?

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