Tulip Table and Panton Chairs

Stephen Coles

new dining table”, recently submitted to our photo group by m.bibelot.

More from Jasmine’s fantastic Bay Area home below.

assortment of tulips

Eames elliptical table arrangement

new/several months old coffee table!

living room set up

view towards fireplace

living room as seen from the front door

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  1. 08.13.08 — joe

    looks like a dwr showroom

  2. 08.14.08 — Mimi & Jacek

    Thanks for showing our home in your wonderful blog! :D
    We met with the original and only owner of the house earlier this year, but unfortunately she couldn’t remember who the architect was. Sadly, she passed away in March. She did leave us with the original blueprints for the kitchen/dining remodel completed in 1968 after a kitchen fire. A San Francisco firm called Storek, Storek & Klash designed the kitchen and display shelving in the dining area.

  3. 08.14.08 Stephen Coles

    Thank you for commenting! In mentioning the Storek name you sparked a crazy coincidence. I work a building on Ninth Street that has been owned by the Storek family for nearly 100 years. I emailed Rich Storek about your home and this was his reply:

    Stephen, yes that is/was my firm. Klash was a partner until ’69, then Storek & Storek/Architecture for the next 22 years. This project was finished as I departed for Africa for a few years.

    Rich has been back in San Francisco for a while and continues his architecture work and other ventures.

  4. 08.15.08 — Mimi & Jacek

    Oh wow, that is uncanny! Well, the next time you talk to Rich Storek you can tell him his work is still being appreciated 40 years later! We absolutely love the dining display area and kitchen cabinetry; the proportions and assemblage inspire us on a daily basis.

  5. 09.24.08 Lena

    I just love, love, love this! I’m so glad I got this blog address from my dear husband who knows what I like! I like it all, I could even take the dog.

  6. 09.27.08 Panton Chairs

    Perhaps an Eichler design. Idont think eichler built many homes outside of a certain in CA and I dont think SF is it but it certainly looks like the style. I love the look they have going here and the mix of different pieces. Photography is quite nice also.

  7. 12.02.08 — Jennifer

    Gorgeous dining room, and love the Eames chair. I inherited one from an uncle who lived down the street from the Eameses. Where did you find the pendant lamp over the dining table?? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to restore my dining room to its original warmth and glow.
    Thanks for sharing!

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