Windows in Hollin Hills Virginia

Stephen Coles

HH Dining Interior”, recently submitted to our photo group by Mr Biscuit

These great windows bring in all the light and views of floor-to-ceiling glass while maintaining the benefit of waist-high sills. Just contact a professional at window installation Aurora Co to have it properly installed. Love it. I believe this is a view of the house form the outside. Many people do not pay much attention to window treatments and often adopt whatever blinds that come with their home. They are missing out on a chance to transform their space, create the functionality they need, and create a look they want. Perfectly chosen window blinds can complement the design of your home and add style to it

If you are getting sash windows then you also need to make sure that they are double glazed as those are far better in terms of insulation and look just as good, we used this double glazing company in London who do great double glazed sash windows so check them out if you are in London.

The obligatory dining room setup is a Saarinen Tulip with Eames plastic chairs. See more of Andrew Wilson’s snapshots from the Hollin Hills House + Garden Show. Learn more about the Hollin Hills community (smack in the middle of a historical colonial-themed area in Alexandria, Virginia) at the residents blog and see images of homes in their Flickr account.

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  1. 07.01.08 — Erik Johnson

    Here is a link to a great house for sale in Hollin Hills.

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