More Carter Bros. Scoop Chairs for Sale

Stephen Coles

Now here’s a surefire way to get your eBay auction posted on the Mid-Modist: appeal to my ego! Offer an item that we’ve covered on this blog, take some good photos, and link back to the related post here. Take a look at the best linen chair covers on this site where you can choose your favorite ones.

That’s just what one seller did with this pair of Carter Bros. chairs.

They are in good shape and the cushions fit the frames right — rather than folding awkwardly in the bend as is often the case. There is still some inevitable scrunching going on and I must say I still prefer the rarer two-cushion version best, but this is one of the better examples of the Scoop Chair that I’ve seen on eBay since we first discussed them in January. The auction ends Dec. 29 and they are, unfortunately, only available for pickup in Chicago.

Meanwhile, Dana at has a few premium Scoop chairs on offer for a premium price. Originally a dreary dark green vinyl, the folks at DanishMod reupholstered them in white leather which suits them quite nicely. More insight from Dana’s site:

  • It seems there were at least 3 different frames produced, one with upturned corners (labelled #200), one with round corners, and the more common square cornered model.
  • A contemporary knockoff called the Universal Chair can be distinguished from the original Scoops by its stitching between the buttons and edges.
  • Scoop Chairs have starred on the big screen in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as well as on TV’s “Gilmore Girls”.

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  1. 12.23.08 Matt Good

    Actually, I’m happy to report that the dark green chair from DanishMod is still in its original upholstery and now looking quite nice in my SF apartment. I drove down to see her collection in person and the leather ones are very nice. I wasn’t looking for white, but if I have to reupholster this chair, I’d definitely do it in leather.

  2. 01.26.09 — Federica Gallina

    I love the scoop chairs and I wold like to buy them. Is there anybody that can help me to find them?
    Many thanks

  3. 02.21.09 — A Collins

    This is first time I’ve posted anything to this site, but I just had to share my excitement that I won a orange scoop chair on ebay tonight. I’ve been looking out for these chairs for a couple of months. I hate that it wasn’t for two of them, but I’m glad I got it for under $200.00.

  4. 05.29.09 — A Collins

    Finally found another orange scoop chair in Seattle. I should have it in a couple of chairs. Now I have my set Yeah!!!!!!

  5. 12.04.09 A Facebook User

    I have one of these chairs “Carter Bros. scoop chairs” in black. It still has a tag on it, but the tag does not say “Carter Brothers”. The tag says: “Made by Universal of High Point, Inc., High Point, North Carolina.”

  6. 10.10.10 — jess v

    I found one of these babies today at a thrift store for 4 dollars. I don’t believe I could spend four dollars a better way

  7. 02.10.13 — syracuse629

    Hi there, I happen to have two of these chairs in great g condition! I was looking for more information and found this feed. Although I see it is a few years old, I was checking to see if anyone would be interested in these? I pictures available and also created a post on Etsy.

    Thank you!

  8. 03.14.13 — Rob

    I have 3 of these in three colors: black, green and orange. If anyone is looking to sell another color (I know there are blue ones out there) please reply. There is a green one on eBay now but it must ship from a Chicago home. I’m in Seattle. Would pay shipping, though, fo another color.

  9. 06.04.13 — akmaleja

    I recently acquired a black (what I believe to be) Carter Brothers Scoop chair, but the paper tag stapled to the bottom reads (piece ticket) Carter of Carolina, style-7010 5*42, cover-Vinylare, color Black, day-3. Can anyone shed some light to what I have?



  10. 07.12.13 — Kelly

    I have two of what I believe to be carter brother scoop chairs and am trying to refurbish them. I found the pair at a flea market for $20, but the cushions have been removed, and the frames painted. Any suggestions as to where to go to get cushions for them? There is very little info online about this.

  11. 01.04.15 — Shanda

    Anyone know where I can get a scoop chair?

  12. 08.24.16 — Tracy Cowherd

    I have 8 Carter Brothers Scoop Chairs #200, 4 red and 4 gray. Original upholstery. Does anyone know what these chairs are worth?

  13. 07.10.18 — maria

    I have a scoop chair exactly like these ones. It is not vinyl, but brown suede instead. Could it be an original?

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