Johnson & Johnson Design HQ

Stephen Coles

ID Magazine’s May 2008 issue has an article on Johnson & Johnson chief design officer Chris Hacker who has been improving their brand image and commitment to sustainability since his hiring in 2005. Here are a couple of nice shots of their beautiful New York office from the printed edition.

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  1. 05.02.08 Michael Pieracci

    I would be so happy to set up all those Macs and displays. And I would coil and route each cable perfectly.

  2. 05.30.08 Marian Gravel

    I wonder what it would be like to have your work space out in the open in a row like that. I think it would drive me nuts. Plus I couldn’t have a messy desk.

  3. 07.25.08 — spinsLPs

    Looks like the set of Playtime, by Jacques Tati.

  4. 07.30.08 fluentworks

    i love the the reception area at Johnson & Johnson’s office in New York, an entire wall is taken over by a constellation of miniature J&J-brand items from across the ages.
    it really rocks.
    as to the open space, its a neat way to set up marketers i a way where the feel good.
    i personally would like something bigger and more involved if i would work for a major firm, like for instance the Lehrer Architects LA which occupies a 1950’s warehouse that later served as headquarters for both LA Weekly and a thriving sex-toy distributor before becoming a 7,300-square-foot studio.
    check this out.. and tell me you wouldn’t love this as well…

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