Cross Credenza and Table by Matthew Hilton for DWR

Stephen Coles

Design Within Reach just announced the new Cross Credenza. While I appreciate its unconventional, mid-century inspired base, and its drawers of different sizes, $3600 seems a tad steep for “birch plywood drawer inserts and oak veneer top and fronts over particleboard”. I’ll reserve full judgement until I meet it in person, but it doesn’t seem to meet DWR’s high standard. Imagine how lovely this could be in walnut!


Hilton’s other DWR piece is a step above the credenza. The beautiful Cross Extension Table is available in solid oak or wenge for $2,750 and extends to a grand 116″, room enough for 10.

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  1. 05.02.08 Caleb

    i have to say I agree. while the dining table seems exceptionally well priced (especially in solid wenge), the credenza falls into the mould of oh-so-very average thanks to its construction qualities (or lack thereof). shame, it’s a nice design.

  2. 07.12.09 — Dave Moody

    I really like all these pieces… and I will not pay that ridiculous amount. I liken it to how compact disks used to cost 18.95 and people paid that much for one or two songs they wanted. Now, they pay 99 cents each. The whole model has changed for the music industry (which I’m in) and people are still making lots of money. I think we need another Eames philosophy to come about…but, without the high price tag that violates the rule. The credenza should sell for $400 tops. It’s wood, particle board and paper and takes no time to cut, finish and put together. Would you pay $200 for a compact disk of your favorite band, regular production?

  3. 11.14.09 — Lieludalis

    Hey, just so you know, the table is not solid…ONLY the base is solid.
    The table top is VENEERED oak.
    I went to the DWR showroom to look at it live.
    It’s really beautiful, but if you’ve ever seen a laminated countertop, with the corner seams…this is what you’re getting.
    This is the only thing preventing me from investing in this gorgeous design.
    If they came out with a solid wood top version of this table…I would dig into the savings in a heartbeat.

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